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Steve Clatworthy has been involved in boxing for over 18 years training under the guide of Maureen Black.

Steve runs both the Fitness and the Fundamental Boxing classes, sets class routines, and constantly researches new methods for boxing education. He begun boxing training as a way to stay fit for rugby and now one of ITC’s Certified Club Coaches.

He is also a Manitoba-based amateur boxer who trains out of our facility but has focused recently on being a full-time Dad.

He also makes pretty things.

Steve is one of the most experienced computerized jewellery designers in Manitoba and his company, Heavy Metal Design, is best known for their team rings, but they do beautiful work for every one! Seriously, you would never know it looking at his 500-push-up-a-day arms, but Steve has completed advanced training in creating jewelery on a state-of- the-art CAD CAM machines.

He is also fun to watch on bags to improve your own technique. If you are at the bag near him, mind the rattling of your teeth; it’s a reverberating punch.

Steve pretty much rocks. Ask him about anything if you see him.