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Owner and principal trainer, Maureen Black balances encouragement with drive like no other.  You will love her in workout moments and love to hate her in others. It is her passion and it is how she inspires people to keep at it.

Maureen has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1982 and has focused on boxing technique and fitness for over 20 years. She has held her Manitoba Fitness Leadership Development Association (MFLDA) Certification, IDA fitness leadership certification, and has completed Level 3 Boxing Technique Certification.

She is currently upgrading her certification with the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association in conjunction with changes made to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) including the Make Ethical Decisions & Respect in Sport online courses. She is a proud member of the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association and has just began the Manitoba Boxing Officials program.

Maureen is the past Manitoba Boxing Commissioner overseeing professional boxing for almost 12 years. She is also a past member of the American Boxing Commission (ABC) and served as Vice-President of the Canadian Boxing Federation. During her work with the Canadian Boxing Federation, she has sanctioned title fights, completed numerous boxing judging courses, held boxing clinics for judging and refereeing.

So, she knows what she is doing. Be afraid.