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Owner Patrick Molloy is in charge of keeping everything calm and rational, unless he is in the ring. He is Irish, and the Irish seem to be natural-born fighters. He started boxing fitness after his wife and co-owner, Sheila started and is now better than her. Patrick had his first amateur match at ITC’s Shamrock Showdown and is still training but focuses more on coaching.

Patrick has a background in planning, technology and performance tracking with 17 years experience in the field. He uses words like ‘metrics’ and ROI around the rest of us. He has worked for a variety of enterprise companies where he perfected his skills and developed best practices and process for performance monitoring. Over the past four years, Patrick has worked at a growing online marketing firm that specializes in search engine marketing.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree from the University of Manitoba and in an MBA candidate with Royal Roads University. He has been active all of his life. He was an amateur cyclist competing in races in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Minnesota. He has also been an active rock climber and mountaineer climbing across Canada, US and Europe.

During university, Patrick was a rock-climbing instructor at the University of Manitoba, Recreation Studies department as well as a volunteer rock-climbing instructor for the YMCA youth development programs.

Patrick is currently has Club Coach certification with the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association in conjunction with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) including the Make Ethical Decisions & Respect in Sport online courses.

He is a proud member of the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association and was the catalyst and committee leader who created the Masters Boxing proposal for presentation to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association — accepted in March 2013. He was one of the first Master’s competitors in Canada to have a bout under the new rules.

Patrick can often be found leading our Fundamental Boxing classes or cornering for our boxers during competition.