iDE The Clean Fight a Success!

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The Clean Fight

On September 3, 2013 fifteen women started boxing training at ITC.

On November 28, 2013 they will box each other at a gala event.

In just 86 days, they will change lives all over the world.

Over only 86 intense training days, these incredible women will be challenging themselves, all while bringing awareness of and support from their personal communities of friends, family’s and co-workers, to the issue of affordable sanitation in areas of the world experiencing extreme poverty.

ITC Boxing is proud to be coaching and supporting this event in benefit of an incredible organization: iDE Canada. Find out more about the event and all the boxers on line at


It was a great event for iDE, for ITC, for amateur boxing and for all of the people that will benefit from the $110,000 that these 14 incredible women raised in just three months. ITC is proud to be the home for the Clean Fight 2013. Thanks to everyone who helped on this journey!