Semi-Frequently Heard Concerns

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We are not actually trying to make you throw up, cry, or question your fitness ability, but it may feel like that at times, so this section is our response to those comments we hear from time to time and want to give you reassurance.


“I can’t do that”

You’re right. You can’t. At least not yet. If it’s been a long time (or ever) since you’ve worked out, boxing fitness will exploit that in the first 10 minutes. Remember that very few people are automatically good at exercise. You need time to reconnect to your body and that means you may not do all the exercises right. And there may be some you can’t do at all, at least, not yet. Give yourself time to learn the exercises before getting discouraged.

“Sometimes I forget what I am supposed to do at a station”

There is a lot going on in a circuit-style fitness class. Every ITC class is trainer-led (not personal training), so we do our best to explain and remind everyone what should be happening in a circuit. When classes get busy or there are a lot of new people that gets harder to keep up with. However, there is also an expectation that you are engaged and paying attention. If you do not know an exercise or it is not explained for you to understand thoroughly, you need to ask. Consider remembering the circuit a work out for your brain and when in doubt, just do burpees.

“I can barely make it through a workout”

Yup. That is what will allow you to reach your fitness goals. You may be accustomed to walking around a fitness facility lifting weights a couple times, reading on the treadmill, and chatting. When you come to ITC, you are coming to work out. Our trainers do their best to moderate exercises for those who are struggling with the movement or weight but often you can do better than you think you can and it is our job to bring that out. But if something feels too challenging, just tell us.

“Every muscle in my body is sore after a class”

Oh yeah. There will be some discomfort which is true anytime your body does things it is not used to. Your body has more than 600 muscles, you won’t work all of them during one workout, but you may feel like you have. It’s normal to feel soreness even in unrelated body parts. As you build strength in the weaker areas of your body, this will be less of an issue. Any new activity can cause soreness, usually within 24-48 hours of your workout. You may find a hot bath or a massage can help. However, if you can’t brush your hair/walk down the stairs, you probably overdid it.

“I think the trainer hates me”

No we don’t. All of our trainers love people but most of us are “tough love” proponents because we know it works in fitness. We won’t coddle or make things so easy that you get no benefit. What would be the point of that? You can do that yourself perfectly well from the couch. Sometimes we may yell to be heard, scold, or come across as impatient. Then other times we are patient, encouraging, and kind. You will survive and may even grow to love us!