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We use the training techniques of boxing to provide a unique, safe, fun and effective full-body workout in an authentic environment. We can adapt our exercises in any class for a variety of levels.

There is no hitting other people in our regular programs. We do have an amateur and sparring track for those who would like to move past the fitness and into something more competitive.

What to bring:

You will need regular work-out apparel, a small towel, water, and indoor shoes. We do go outside sometimes but prefer no outdoor footwear in the work out area to minimize dust and dirt. Everyone must have their own wraps.


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[box type=”info”] [learn_more caption=”Learn About a Typical Class”] Typical 1-hour ITC Boxing Fitness Class——–Arrive a little early to put on wraps (the newer you are the more time you will need).       Start skipping to warm up. Keep skipping. Still skipping.        The instructor will interrupt skipping (yay!) to show the circuit for the day.   The circuit uses machines and various exercises in a specific order. Sets of 10 or 12 or timed and in groupings of different exercises on one ‘station’. The exercises vary all the time but you can be guaranteed to work your arms, legs and core in any one class. Some modifications can be made for injuries or for ability but even we have some limitations. There are almost always burpees. All fitness people love burpees.         The instructor will then split the class into groups dependent on ability/experience/intensity.       Some will go to Bags; Some will keep skipping; Some will start on the circuit.       Then when the ring timer goes off, after so many minutes, all the groups switch. And again, And again.       Then, sometimes, usually right when you are totally exhausted, everyone will share in a last “go hard” drill on the bags.        Then you stretch. [/learn_more][/box]

What to expect:

You Will be Warmly Greeted. There is an unwritten rule in boxing, it seems, that if you are not an ‘athlete’, many trainers won’t give you the time of day. We think this is ridiculous because those same trainers complain they cannot find sponsors for their athletes. We think this great sport needs to be more accessible. We also think that athletes and non-athletes can work out with each other to the greater benefit of both.

Sparring is Optional. Our regular classes are individual exercise in a group setting with no ‘sparring’. You will hit heavy bags though, which is fun, and we highly recommend imagining an opponent.

Move at Your Pace. Our programs allow individuals to evolve at a safe yet challenging pace in a group atmosphere. It is individual exercise in a group setting.

Class Size Concerns. There is not a lot of consistency in the number of people in our classes. They can range from 5 to 25. Be reassured though, that our circuit-style classes ensure we can move almost any number of people through a great workout. When we see a trend to larger classes, that is our queue to open a new time to keep numbers comfortable.

Built-in Motivation. Our programs are trainer-led group fitness programs: a superior way to stay motivated. Group training comes with a built-in support system and encouragement.

Our Facility. This is not your grimy, smelly, gym of Hollywood movies. Our facility is almost 3000 square feet of well-organized workout space that is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Footwear. We do not allow outdoor footwear in the gym area. Indoor runners, cross-trainers, boxing shoes are appropriate.

ITC Cornermen: Knowledgeable members who are there to help correct form and encourage others. ITC Cornermen have or are working toward their Boxing Level 1 technique. (A cornerman, or simply ‘corner’, is a term for a coach or team mate assisting a fighter during the length of a bout. In boxing cornermen are called ‘seconds’).

Bathrooms. The bathrooms include a small change area. We find most people just come prepared for class and change shoes. We do not have facility showers. It was that or air conditioning and we figured more people would want air. We are working towards them. Your patience is appreciated.

Overall, commonsense and a release form dictate our expectations of members but signs are also posted to make it easier.