Practical Fitness

Hey Winnipeg, we know occasional indulgence is a part of life. Your work out just needs to be that much better to balance those choices. We think fitness should be fun, effective, and practical to your schedule. It’s a novel concept really ~ a fitness … Continue readingPractical Fitness

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Owner Patrick Molloy is in charge of keeping everything calm and rational, unless he is in the ring. He is Irish, and the Irish seem to be natural-born fighters. He started boxing fitness after his wife and co-owner, Sheila started and is now better than … Continue readingPatrick

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Owner Sheila Molloy just wanted to lose weight and stay fit, so she started boxing fitness eight years ago and it was love at first hit… Maureen calls her the “Evander Holyfield” of marketing and operations. Sheila is uncertain if that title alludes to her … Continue readingSheila

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Not a nicer guy you could ever meet. Mark Riggs was born in Dublin, Ireland but we are all fortunate he and his family currently call Winnipeg home. Mark was the Irish National Intermediate Champion in his amateur days, as well as a member of the Irish Senior International squad. From the … Continue readingMark


Steve Clatworthy has been involved in boxing for over 18 years training under the guide of Maureen Black. Steve runs both the Fitness and the Fundamental Boxing classes, sets class routines, and constantly researches new methods for boxing education. He begun boxing training as a … Continue readingSteve

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A dream come true: Maureen

“The fitness of boxing is for everyone”. ITC Boxing Fitness Centre and ITC Boxing Club are led by local Boxing Fitness pioneer, Maureen Black. “I have been a certified fitness instructor since 1982 and have focused primarily on boxing technique training for over 16 of … Continue readingA dream come true: Maureen

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Janet Beckingham (aka Jan, Dr. Beckingham, best dentist ever) is the most experienced boxing fitness member at ITC. As a result of her years of dedication and friendship, she it now one of our trainers and is also working on her Boxing Apprentice Coaching. Jan … Continue readingJan

Welcome Everyone!

In This Corner (ITC) Boxing Fitness Centre proudly provides boxing fitness training programs made accessible to everyone! The fitness of boxing is for anyone with basic fitness or weight loss goals but intense enough for athletes who require more specific cross-training. We use the techniques … Continue readingWelcome Everyone!

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1000 Calories/Hour

The fitness of boxers, including skipping, core, strength, and of course heavy bag work, can burn up to and even over 1000 calories per hour according to a key study supported by the Mayo Clinic [1]. Of course, specific calorie expenditures vary widely depending on … Continue reading1000 Calories/Hour

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