Little Contenders at In This Corner

  Little Contenders Boxing Program NON-CONTACT, 60 minute program TIME: Saturday’s 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. LENGTH: Six Weeks PRICING:  $75 (plus GST)

iDE Clean Fight 3 was a great event!

Congrats to another group of STRONG women who had the experience of a lifetime and made a commitment to help an incredible organization! Pictures to come soon!

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iDE The Clean Fight II a Success!

A great night was had by all and the women did an amazing job. Over $88,000 was raised for IDE. Pictures will posted soon. In the meantime please review some of the boxers making it into the media:

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How to Wrap

Hand wraps help protect the bones and tendons in your hands. In addition, they will help support your wrist and thumb. There are a number of ways to wrap but here is ITC’s preferred wrap method:  

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Member Form & Waiver

Two-page membership and waiver to download: ITC Member Form & Waiver 2014    

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