Current Pricing

See our handy PROGRAM write ups for more detail on our offering.

  • Memberships are for a given period from your enrollment date, are not refundable, or transferable.
  • Memberships do not automatically renew at term end; reminders are sent by email or given in person.
  • For new members, we will reimburse the cost of your first drop-in fee if you sign on for a 3-month or annual membership within 7 days of that drop-in.
  • Three month and annual memberships can be put on hold for vacation or injury. ITC is super kind in the amount of time we give, but we reserve the right to set reasonable limits. Those paying monthly will continue to be charged but we add the equivalent time to the membership once you start back.
  • For hygiene and safety, all members must have wraps (conveniently available at ITC for $10)
  • GST is included in all membership fees and programs.

Boxing Fitness & Fundamentals Program (Classes)

Just want to try it ~ Drop In

$19 (plus GST) boxing program drop-in fee.

For new participants not ready to commit to membership but who want to try a class, you may “drop-in” for a Boxing Fitness or Fundamentals class. See our SCHEDULE for days and times.

I am so there! ~ Annual Membership (unlimited classes)

$1102.50 (including GST) full annual amount paid in advance
or $97.13/month (12 installments with $5 processing fee. Credit Card or Post-Dated Cheques only)

I am totally bringing my Mom! ~ 2nd Family Member

$945.00 full (including GST) annual amount paid in advance
or $84.50/month (12 installments with $5 processing fee. Credit Card or Post-Dated Cheques only)

       **If a member cancels his/her monthly commitment/contract, a $168.00 cancellation  fee is  applied.


I am so there! Well, mostly ~ 3-Month Membership (unlimited classes) MOST POPULAR!

$307.65 (including GST) full annual amount paid in advance for 3 consecutive months

**If a member cancels his/her monthly commitments,  a $78.75  cancellation fee is applied. If monthly payment has already been processed, discretion to ITC to wave fee.

I am excited but can only come for a while ~ 1-Month Membership (unlimited classes)

$115.00 (including GST) full annual amount paid in advance for 30 consecutive days.

Not sure when I can make it, but love coming ~ Flexible Membership Passes

$155.00 (including GST) for 10 passes (one per class) to be used within 3 months of the first pass used.

Little Contenders Youth Program

Classes: July 7, 14, 21, 28 and August 11, 18, 25. Seven class pack = $51.45 (including GST) or $10 for a single visit. Find out more!

Intermediate & Advanced Training

Regular memberships can be used toward our Intermediate Technique and Competition Training . Coaching for these levels occur at times indicated in the SCHEDULE.

Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association rules requires anyone training at the higher levels to pay an annual membership fee of $50 or $60 depending on age or if recreational or competitiveForms are available at ITC and we will help you register.

Personal, Corporate & Group Training

We enjoy personal and group training!  Email Us  or Call for more information and a discussion of your needs.

Customized Personal Training: Individuals 
$55.75 (including GST) per hour | Couples $78.75  per hour

Wraps for those doing boxing training as part of their custom program are $10.50 including tax.