ITC is Winnipeg’s premiere Boxing Fitness Centre thanks to our awesome members, great facility and our fabulous programs!

See our PRICING PAGE for cost details and our SCHEDULE for times on all the following programs:

Note: ITC’s classes are geared toward participants ages 11+, unless specified otherwise. Every new member will receive basic boxing instruction in any boxing fitness class they attend. This is for safety and to establish a technical base for all programs.


A boxers training routine results in a superbly fit athlete. Suitable for men and women of any ability, our boxing programs will help you lose body fat and significantly increase your overall fitness level. Our programs are individual workouts with the benefit of a group atmosphere. Each class is trainer-led and includes a degree of personal attention and form correction.

These are our regular fitness classes. Each 60-minute class incorporates boxing technique and training, heavy bag work, resistance and strength training circuits, cardio, etc. with a focus on the entire body. Find out about a typical class.

This 60-minute class focuses on technique and fitness for boxing. The primary emphasis of fundamental instruction is on technique: strength, stance, positioning, flexibility, and balance affecting a good punching technique and a creative defensive response. Note: Boxing Fitness fans can still get a great workout but with more technical training.


Saturday 11:30 am to Noon. Only 30 minutes.
A fun class designed for boys and girls aged 6-10 incorporating basic fitness, boxing technique, drills and agility. Check out the Contenders Page

ITC does dryland and cross-training for all sports groups. Call us for details: (204) 453-6560

One-time corporate group session or ongoing weekly training. Call us for details: (204) 453-6560


For refined boxing technique, recreation and competition-oriented youth and adults. Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association requires members training at these levels to become registered members. Forms available at ITC. Fees are from $50 or $60 per year depending on age and class.

This intermediate instruction continues work on basic and more advanced techniques. This class will introduce the skills necessary for advanced technique and competition, however, the class is also suited for those that want to learn good boxing technique purely for pleasure and do not want much or any contact.

Advanced/competition instruction is designed for those that want to participate in regular sparring and/or compete. Advanced techniques are practiced. There is contact in every class. All classes preceding this level refine the attributes essential for a boxer including coordination, speed, stamina, strength, movement, and offensive techniques. A high level of independent discipline is expected at this level.

See the Schedule for more details.


ITC is always looking for certified boxing coaches and boxing athletes to consider our great facility!

For Athletes: we have a legitimate and generous sponsorship program with a number of incentives and are happy to work with you and your parent/manager to figure out what the best collaboration will be.  Contact us today to start a discussion.

For Coaches/Trainers: we want those who agree with our philosophy of making this great sport more accessible while balancing the fitness traditions of one of the oldest (and best) forms of competition. This means no “elitist” attitude. We want our regular members and their friends to be a part of the community we know and love. The benefit, we believe, will be a larger fan base, more meaningful corporate sponsorship, and ultimately a stronger boxing community in Manitoba! Contact us today.

For Sponsors: Boxing athletes are fun for every employee to follow! If sponsoring an athlete makes sense to your community involvement; boxers are the best! Because they compete more often than many athletes, you can have more consistent updates and involvement. Employees can even attend matches to cheer them on. Your corporate brand can benefit from exposure on a National and International level…oh the list is vast! Contact us today for more information.